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Quality Training

One of the first steps when implementing a QMS is to begin training on the QMS and responsibilities for each member of the company. QMS training is integral to the compliance and success of any company, and is an area you can always count on an auditor to review.

Employee training must be formally documented, and effectiveness of training proven. Job descriptions should describe the responsibilities of each employee specifically as it relates to the QMS. Companies should implement a training matrix (or program) that identifies what training is needed for new employees, and changes to any established procedures.

Why Quality Management Systems Training is Important

Quality Training is important because once a QMS has been implemented the organization is held to the procedures to stay compliant and pass annual internal audits.

Who Needs QMS Training?

QMS Training is required for all employees. They should be trained on Quality Manual, Quality policy, complaint handling, and then to any process or procedure that is tied to their job function.

RookQS provides expert training to our clients around the world with engaging presentations that highlight the best practices in quality compliance. These training sessions can be completed as working sessions or a full training presentation. We have completed training for as many as 200 employees at one time, and can scale our training presentations to meet the specific needs of your company.

What You Will Learn

Popular courses include SaMD Agile QMS development, 14971 risk management training, CAPA training, internal audit training, and validation training. We’ve been developing custom training programs for med device companies for nearly a decade; just let us know what you need and when you need it. Not sure what training you even need? An even better reason to reach out to Rook!

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