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CAPA Training for Medical Device Manufacturers



What is CAPA?

It is a systematic approach used by organizations, including medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and other industries, to identify, investigate, and resolve issues or non-conformances that arise during their operations. The primary goal of CAPA is to address the root causes of problems, prevent their recurrence, and improve overall processes and product quality.

Why complete CAPA training?

Completing CAPA training is essential for individuals and organizations involved in various industries, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and many others.

CAPA best practices overview

The best practices create quality management, compliance and regulatory requirements, continuous improvement, risk management, problem-solving skills, enhanced communication and collaboration, customer satisfaction, reduction of wastage and costs, performance metrics, and audit preparedness.

What’s included in this product?

Rook Supplier CAPA Training. PDF

This training outlines regulations, supplier assessment, supplier capa process, and common issues.

Rook Supplier CAPA Training Powerpoint

The powerpoint goes over regulations for ISO 13485 and 21 CFR, CAPA investigation and process, root cause analysis, and potential problems.

Rook CAPA Training Quiz

The Quiz goes over aspects of capas such as root cause assessment, timelines, sources, and other definitions.

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