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Internal Auditor Training Course



What you’ll learn in this internal auditor training

The Internal Auditor training will teach you to check for compliance of a quality manual with reference to ISO 13485:2016 and 21 CFR 820. It will tell you to check document control, management review, human resources, infrastructure, manufacturing process, design and development, risk management, purchasing, validated production process & servicing, identification and traceability, monitoring and measuring equipment, customer feedback and complaints, audits, and CAPA and nonconformance.

This internal auditor training course includes:

Rook Template Internal Auditor Training PowerPoint

The internal auditor training powerpoint shows the principles of auditing, the processes, explains who should conduct the audit, and how to conduct the audit such as conducting interviews and walkthroughs. It shows how to create audit findings and how to close the meeting.

Rook Template Internal Auditor Training Quiz

The quiz evaluates your knowledge of internal audits, how the audit should be conducted, methods of the audit, order of the audit, and various definitions.

Rook Template Area Specific Internal Auditor Training

The specific training guide gives more detail about each section of the audit. Specifically it goes into corrective and preventative actions, management reviews, customer feedbacks and complaints, and monitoring controls.

What are the benefits of internal auditor training?

The benefits of internal auditing is becoming super comfortable with the standards, complete risk management, quality improvement, processing efficiency, and being able to detect issues even before the audit. This can also give the auditor a mindset of data security, improvement, and continuous compliance monitoring.

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